20 Car Dealership Promotion Ideas and Marketing Strategies 2021

Do you wonder how to meet the marketing target to generate revenue? Do you worry to see a lot of customers won’t be interested in your car dealership promotion ideas? Don’t worry if you are frustrated to find out the next dealer looks successful & achieves the bulk sales, but you can’t reach the goal.

Here you will find 20 car dealership promotion ideas and marketing strategies that are innovative & effective. That makes your automotive advertising exclusive & stand out from the ordinary dealership. This article aims to show you how you can derive revenue.

Here are 20 car promotion ideas that can change your business & generate massive sales.

Smart Car Dealership Marketing Strategies for Automotive Industry

These 20 car dealership marketing strategies are very effective for automotive marketing. You will get some fresh effective & out of box automotive sales promotional ideas instead of a boring list. How you can read the customer mindset & launch your promotion successfully to grab the customer is the secret of this article.

A perfect boost up revenue is possible when you apply exclusive & different car dealership marketing strategies with the standard ideas. To know the revenue-boosting car promotion ideas read through the article.

Arrange Car Contest

Arrange Car Contest for sales contest ideas

You know what the best dealership promotion ideas are those which bring auto leads for the car dealer. All types of promotions are not able to enhance your brand reputation, but this car contest has the power to magnify your reputation, introduce you to the target audience & derive leads.

A car contest is a creative and exceptional way of car promotion. For example, you can announce a car contest where all the local dealers can submit their best car photos & the best car will win a cash prize.

You can attach a survey form with the picture submission menu that helps to find out which car selling rate is high & you can also add a question about why they choose the particular car photo & why it’s best in your collection. This type of survey can generate a lead for your company.

This type of contest is giving entertainment & at a time it is profitable. A great & unique idea is enough to make your campaign successful; you don’t need to invest huge money.

Besides, you can learn the best car photo editing style & ideas from the submitted car images. In this digital age, a car photo is a key to bringing a sale. So, it is beneficial to know how other dealers do their car photo editing. Don’t forget to arrange an exclusive car contest & enjoy the benefits.

Paired Sports In Advertisements

Paired Sports In Advertisements for promotion

It is an amazing & interesting way of marketing when you involve sports in-car marketing. Sports is the most popular & trendy entertainment. People have crazed sports people & are tempted to enjoy live sports. You should use this craze positively to make your car promotion successful.

When automotive dealerships are paired in advertisements, they are very uncommon car promotion ideas that deal with athletics in-car promotion.

This type of advertisement can be like when you purchase a car in a sports week that offers to give you a ticket for your favorite game or coupon by which you can get a chance to meet your favorite player, or you can get the autograph of your favorite player. When your country arranges any large tournament of cricket or football, it is the best time to give this kind of advertisement.

This little investment in paired sports marketing is the creative & unique car promotion idea that will be a great tool to generate revenue. It will help you to bring target customers, positive social feedback & introduce you to the dealership community.

Launch Experimental Promotional Campaign

Launch Experimental Promotional Campaigns

When you are planning to get physical engagement in your shop-raising awareness about the dealership is the main battle. The best channel is when you can arrange both online & offline strategies to grab the target customer.

In the past, raising awareness of the dealership was the only way & accurate process. But with time technology is improving day by day. So, you need to change your strategy. A recent popular & effective way to achieve target customers is to launch experiential marketing. Let’s know how you can do this.

In this modern age, you hardly find people who won’t use Facebook or social platforms. So, it is wise to use a social platform to offer a test drive or free trip to a shopping mall, coffee shops, etc. that help you to meet person to person outside of a dealership.

That can create a good relationship & make a huge target community. When people need to buy a car, they certainly remember your name first if you can approach them perfectly. It increases the probability of buying your product & getting the opportunity to let them know about your outstanding after-sale services that make you reliable & unique.

Another important thing that try to collect the participating mobile number or email so that you can inform them about your latest offer or discount. Besides, you can invite a celebrity & showcase your new product. This can bring huge customer engagement that you can utilize positively.

You can arrange a lottery to collect the guest’s contact information. This information is money-worthy that can bring huge sales.

Arranging an event with a celebrity or planning to arrange a game or training with a vehicle is an amazing way to reach the target audience, create a network, raise awareness about the brand & generate leads.

You can also share the event’s video or test drive video on social media or websites that will make the customers interested to purchase your product. This type of experimental promotion is always exceptional & helps you to achieve success.

Television Ads

Automotive promotion in TV is the hot & fundamental medium for advertisements. eMarketer gets huge engagements by making perfect television Ads. It is an essential part of car dealership promotion ideas. Tv advertisements can increase foot traffic & introduce your brand quickly to target customers around.

The tv ad helps to reach a global audience & impress them with creative thought & a memorable vehicle experience that is dynamic.

Site Optimization

WebSite Optimization for promotion

Digital marketing is a must to achieve your target revenue. According to a survey, it is confirmed that 70% of clicks on the car dealership were on a smartphone. People normally use mobile to search the automotive dealer to buy their vehicles.

You can get cheap SEO services for photographers. So, site optimization for mobile traffic is the most important factor in bringing traffic & clicks to your site. So you must apply basic SEO to optimize your sites. 

Smart buyers, before visiting, you physically love to check the car photo & read the review. So, if you fail to make a user-friendly mobile interface, they won’t waste their time viewing your vehicle. So, you must ensure a smooth experience both on mobile & desktop. Because it is the key factor to create the first impression of your dealership to the customers & reach promptly by google search.

Video Advertising:

Video is another creative & the hottest way to display your car & make your product eye-grabbing. Here you should be careful about video quality & ensure to hire an experienced car photo editor. If you don’t hire an expert car photo editor, the low-quality video can ruin your opportunity. So, please focus on car photo editing.

Video is the only way to highlight your car’s features, uses & benefits. People love to watch a video than read the descriptions. So, you should add an informative video that includes each part of the car, features & all the details, necessity, advantages, etc. You must try to highlight the speed in your video.
You can’t imagine how a good video can bring thousands of sales. It is a must for the car dealership to generate revenue because it helps the customers to visualize the car clearly & also they can find all the answers to their questions in a video. It removes their confusion & makes them tempted to buy your vehicle. Video promotion is an amazing & fruitful car dealership promotion idea.

Free Wash Service

Free Wash Service for automotive marketing

It is important to reach more people to grow your car dealership. So, the best & an easy way to reach more people is by offering free service. Everyone loves to get free services.

You can offer free car wash services that surely make many people interested in your company. When you give services to a lot of car owners, guess what they will remind you of your brand name. In the future, when they need any cars or relative plans to buy a vehicle, they firstly suggest your name for giving unique services & offers.

This little free service helps to reach a lot of target clients & bring many sales. This is an easy opportunity to impress customers.


Giveaway promotional idea

A traditional & standard car promotional idea is a giveaway or arranging a raffle draw. People get attracted when you announce some luxury products as a gift. You can choose the iPhone, computer, car as a gift for three lucky customers.

Guess what it will bring thousands of sales & people love to test their luck continuously & win the prize. If you give the offer for one month, it will generate triple revenue than your usual income.

It is an easy trick to increase sales quickly. So, it is helpful to apply this trick as marketing ideas for small car dealerships.

You can place the raffle box at the focal point & hang a billboard to attract the customers. Proper marketing about the giveaway is also important.

Social Marketing

Social Marketing for promotion

When you give some discount, giveaway, or any promotional offers, there is no alternative to social marketing. You must use social platforms to give Ads. You can make some brochures, flyers, or posters about your brand by the expert car photo editor.

It will also help to bring huge revenue. People will know about your effort & quality services more quickly when you do social marketing.

Test Drive With Dog

Test Drive With Dog

Some clients love their dogs like their children. When you offer a test drive with their loving pet, that will inspire them to attend the drive. You can show your concern about their pet & arrange a dog-friendly drive.

It will impress the customers & they definitely enjoy your test drive with a dog & it can bring positive feedback & you become famous by mouth talking of people.

Kids Contest

Kids Contest

You can also arrange any contest for kids like drawing. When people are bringing their children to attend the contest, they will learn about your brand, services & sales contest ideas.

It’s a creative way to highlight your car dealership.

Gift Voucher

Gift Voucher

You can offer some gift voucherS for the purchase of a car from your dealership. When you offer a gift voucher that inspires the client to get back to you again & purchase a new item using the gift voucher.

Anniversary Celebration

Anniversary Celebration

It is a common way of car promotion, but it’s standard & also a successful way of marketing. In celebrating your dealership anniversary, you can give a sale & decorate the shop with some unique, stunning car dealership promotion Ideas.

You know what a well-decorated shop is enough to attract customers at first glance. So, you should decorate the shop to make it eye-catchy. You can also invite your customers by email campaign, social media, or physical marketing.

Referral Bonus

Referral Bonus

People are the assets of any dealership. Your aim is to reach more people. So, it is an amazing way to offer a referral bonus that inspires people to suggest your shop.

When someone buys a car using a client’s referral code, then the client will get some bonus, which they can use in future shopping. This type of referral bonus is fun & helps you to achieve more customers. People fluently do marketing for your brand that helps to grow your business larger.

Gas Cards

Gas Cards for promoting sales

There are some people who are worried about bearing gas prices. They have confused to buy a car because they think about the expense, such as gas bills & maintenance. So, if you offer prepaid gas cards, it will remove their confusion & jump to buy a car from your dealership. They will also spread the offer throughout the community.

Year-End Sale

Year-End Sale

Year-end sale is a common & traditional car promotion idea. During the holiday season or at the end of the year, you can arrange the sale festival. You can offer gifts, discounts, prepaid gas cards, coupons, vouchers, or other devices to attract customers.

Arrange a cultural function to give entertainment to the client. You must decorate the shop & gift items surprisingly. When the customers receive the gift after purchasing a vehicle, the package will bring a smile to their faces.

Quality Photo

Quality Photo

There is a saying that a quality photo has the capability to bring thousands of sales. A perfect photo is enough to highlight your car features properly. A high-quality photo is capable of representing dynamic motion in a static shot. Whereas the thousands description is not enough to visualize the car properly.

But when you start to use high-quality images, customers can easily visualize the car’s beauty & it’s featured with benefits. Most people love online shopping. Online shopping robustly depends on the pictures. So, you can easily understand the value of your car’s photo in marketing.

Most people make their purchasing decision depending on the car photo. So, you should follow some caution when taking your vehicle photo. Car photo editing is a must to produce an eye-catchy car photo. Without car photo editing, you won’t be able to get a high-quality photo. So, you need a car photo editor to ensure perfect editing.

A high-quality photo is the pre-condition to make all your promotional ideas successful. So, don’t skip this step or strategies to win the marketing competition. It is the only way to make your brand different from the ordinary one.

Billboard Marketing

Billboard Marketing

Billboard marketing with a high-quality picture can bring a storm sale. People who usually go to the office or home without the intention of buying a car can be lost their mind on the billboard to see the eye-grabbing car advertised. It makes them hungry to buy your vehicle. A huge number of people get convinced by billboard marketing & this increases the sale quickly.



When you take sponsorship of many events or sports or any drama, it helps to introduce your brand globally. If you want to reach a million people, there is no alternative to give sponsorship to different events & drama.

Customer Right

Customer Right

Customer satisfaction is the main factor to sustain your business. You should focus your promotion on highlighting customers’ rights. You should inform them that customers are your main priority. Also, attach the wonderful after-sale services & impressive offer you bring for them.

Besides, open friendly customer support to answer all the queries about your vehicle & promotion. When your motto is giving 100% customer satisfaction, it is the magical word to make customers rely on your dealership.

Now find out your favorite automotive car promotion ideas to generate target revenue. The most important thing to be successful is to create a creative approach. Be trendy in promotion but with a unique creative style.

Conclusion on Car Dealership Promotion Ideas

When you can add out of box promotional concepts, it will bring a revolution to your business. So, follow the above unique & innovative ideas to do your car dealership promotion & see the transformation of your dealership. It’s not so easy to make your brand identity in this competitive field.

These brilliant promotional ideas & a mixture of your creative thought of marketing can successfully make your own identity & stand out from the crowd.

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