Digital Image Restoration Option to Restore Old Images

Graphic Experts Intl. offers a comprehensive digital image restoration option to restore old images. Our image restoration service utilizes high-level systems to return the photo to its full beauty. We can abolish the damage caused by children, water, pets, light, fire, and even mold. We are proud to offer industry-leading Photoshop Services on the web. Our combination of the fast turnaround, less prices, and quality has returned positive reviews. The trained experts perform all our work utilizing the latest software. If you’re not happy with any of our services, send your project back — we’ll fix it, free of charge!

Image Restoration

What Images Are Eligible For Our Image Restoration Services?

Our professional photo retoucher can repair any photo. Physical photographs can become marred over time from a variety of sources of damage, including pets, children, and light. Digital images can become corrupted over time or suffer damage from hasty compression. Some photographs are preserved from the moment they’re taken. But they’re ruined by poor light, dirt on the lens, or other complications.

All these images are perfect candidates for GEI’s image restoration services. We can take photos in any file format like PNG, GIF, PSD, JPEG, and TIFF — the higher quality, the better.

Digital Restoration Services

GEI also work with scans of your photographs in any file format. Moreover, we combine and manipulate images to overcome damages. We can restore mold and water damage, increase the contrast on faded images, and remove dirt and debris. By utilizing photo masking and Photoshop clipping path techniques, we can add or subtract individual parts of an image. — even if parts have been ripped or burned off.Besides, we can remove the background fix poor color lighting, and composite many photos to a single digital image. All while maintaining the look and feel of your source imagery. If you’re curious about digital photo restoration is right for your photograph, don’t hesitate to ask us.We’re happy to tell you about which services are right for your project. If parts of your images have been completely destroyed, it’s difficult for us to know exactly what was depicted. Unless you provide other source material, we’ll have to guess what was present in the original image. Furthermore, we can crop out the removed area or synthesize new content. But we’ll be unable to restore the exact content of the original image.

Quick and Cost-Effective Photo Editing Service

We provide high-quality source files alongside the conventional file format of your choice. This ensures that you’ll be able to make further edits to your images yourself. And use your image in emails, documents, and web pages. If we use photo masking or Photoshop clipping path techniques on your image. We’re happy to provide our selections in PSD format for your use. Your damaged image won’t fix itself. Contact GEI today to restore your photographs to perfect condition and cost-effective. Our guaranteed results are sure to impress friends, family, and coworkers.