10 Professionals Car Photography Tips & Photoshoot Ideas

Do you need car photography tips and ideas? Graphic Expert International presents the best tips and ideas from pros that can ease your photography carrier. Car photography is a trendy, stylish & exciting session of photography. Photography needs passion, optimism to be successful. The practice is the principal to gain the ultimate goal. Sometimes it […]

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Adobe Photoshop Tools and It’s Uses for Beginner

Table of Contents1 Adobe Photoshop Tools and its Uses1.1 Move Tool: 1.2 Rectangular Tool:1.3 Lasso Tool:1.4 Quick Selection Tool:1.5 Crop Tool:1.6 Slice Tool:1.7 Spot Healing Brush Tool:1.8 Brush Tool:1.9 Clone Stamp Tool:1.10 History Brush Tool:1.11 Background Erase Tool:1.12 Gradient Tool:1.13 Blur Tool:1.14 Dodge Tool:1.15 Pen Tool:1.16 Type Tool:1.17 Select Tool:1.18 Ellipse tool:1.19 Notes Tool:1.20 Eyedropper Tool:1.21 […]

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